Guard Services

Star Protection Agency places great emphasis on providing quality and consistent service to our customers. Star Protection's management team collectively has over 100 years of experience in police, military, and related security fields, and each member of the team fully understands the importance of reacting to the customer's needs.

At Star Protection Agency, we pride ourselves on our proactive approach to customer service. When our customers do have a problem we react quickly and vigorously to implement effective solutions. Our managers are all experienced in providing security services, working with the general public and coming up with creative solutions to service problems. We believe are greatest selling points are the testimonials of our many satisfied customers. To that end we work hard to ensure customer satisfaction and service excellence.

Our plan for all of our security services starts with obtaining the right personnel to do this job. The major advantages Star Protection Agency can offer are our comprehensive, in-house training program, our Security Patrol Supervisors, our 24 hour per day Dispatch Center and our commitment to using the latest technology in communications. Star Protection Agency can bring a great deal of added value to your property.


Star Protection Agency has an extensive training program that includes basic training, site-specific training, advanced training, and ongoing training. At Star, we view learning as an on-going process of self-development. Security officers are instructed as to how to anticipate and prevent problems that could result in a risk or threat to your key assets or expose a vulnerability to visitors and customers. Star is uniquely qualified to recruit and select security personnel that meet your exact requisites.

In addition, our vast experience in providing high visibility skilled security personnel ensures we will be sensitive to selecting employees with appropriate skills suitable for your requirements. We incorporate classroom lectures, videotapes, homework and testing role-playing as well as practical applications for all of our training materials. Training is something we put a great deal of time and effort into.

Patrol Supervisors

We have 9 Patrol Supervisors who, through a rotating schedule, are on the road 24 hours per day. These senior, experienced supervisors are responsible for providing quality control checks at all of our accounts. They make random, unannounced patrol stops to ensure that our employees are performing all of their duties correctly.

They check for proper uniforms, correct report formats and that patrols are made timely and accurately. In addition to quality control, they provide back-up for emergency situations. When an incident arises, they are dispatched to a particular location to ensure that the situation is handled properly and efficiently and that all of the correct information is put into the reports to our client.

24 Hour Dispatch Center

The dispatch center in Honolulu is staffed 24 hours per day. The dispatchers are trained to assist our personnel in the field in emergency situations by contacting the appropriate people or organizations. For example, if a there is a car accident, our officer can make one call to dispatch and then deal with the situation. In the meantime, dispatch is calling police, fire and / or ambulance services as well as contacting Star Protection Agency management and our customer.

Our customers greatly appreciate this service as it enhances our ability to provide accurate and timely reporting. In addition to emergency situations, we utilize our dispatch service for checking on attendance. All of our employees check in and out at the beginning and end of their shifts with the dispatch center. When an employee fails to check in, or has called ahead to advise us that they will be late, our dispatchers are trained to find a replacement and to contact Star Management. This ensures that all of our posts are filled with the properly trained personnel for each and every shift.

Communications Technology

Star Protection Agency uses the Nextel radio / telephone system at all of our jobsites statewide. The Nextel radios work well in virtually all areas, especially in urban environments like Honolulu. In addition to the radio and cellular capabilities, we employ e-mail as a means of getting a text message quickly and efficiently to our field personnel. Our Dispatchers use this system so that information can be disseminated in the quickest possible manner.

For example, if a purse snatching is reported in one of our areas, we can e-mail a description of the suspect to all of the Officers in that area to be on the look out immediately for the person. Also, all of our managers use high-speed roadrunner e-mail connections to communicate with customers on a daily basis.


The proper uniform is a key element in fulfilling our company's mission statement, to make a substantial reduction in preventable security related incidents. We place high emphasis on our standards of appearance and promote professionalism throughout our staff.

We have several different uniforms for various purposes. Our standard Security Officer dress uniform is suitable for most applications and provides for a clean, neat, and professional appearance. We can also provide a blazer and tie uniform for a more formal, concierge-like appearance.

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